SPOT: Resource Center for SPOT Imagery

satellite imagery of Goleta

Mission Statement of the Resource Center for SPOT Imagery

The mission of the Resource Center for SPOT Imagery is to support UCSB in becoming the preeminent academic institution in research and education utilizing satellite data.

Our goal is to facilitate the technical and administrative functions of the program in a manner that will allow multiple research groups at UCSB to increase their use of SPOT data in furthering the scientific knowledgebase within their specific disciplines. We achieve this goal when we:

  • Establish clear and simple procedures for program participation;
  • Develop outreach to establish a strong presence at UCSB;
  • Communicate procedures and legal restrictions to participants;
  • Encourage a cadre of students and faculty to actively use the data sets in a broad range of science and applications;
  • Change the way high-resolution imagery is used to do science, especially about changes on Earth.
  • Keep the program efficient so that a minimum of participant time is necessary.

We know we have achieved our goal when:

  • SPOT data and the resulting research is integrated with other scientific tools or data sets;
  • Research results citing SPOT are referenced in publications;
  • UCSB is able to leverage the SPOT program in obtaining additional research funding;
  • UCSB is able to further its teaching mission, including additions to curriculum, via use of SPOT data.
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