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Terra Image USA worked to loosening the strictures of SPOT data licensing in order to bring SPOT data to UCSB. Therefore, we must abide by the licensing terms set forth for use of SPOT data.

Please review the terms and conditions:


The Image License for SPOT Data provided by Terra Image USA grants UCSB a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive right for use of SPOT Data on computer systems owned or leased by UCSB, provided that such data may not be accessed by users outside of UCSB except as specified below. This is an organization license and is further restricted to non-commercial, research, and education purposes only.

The SPOT Data is owned by Terra Image USA and is protected by copyright laws. Therefore, UCSB must treat the SPOT Data like any other copyrighted material except that UCSB may make copies of and/or provide access to the SPOT Data solely for the purpose of facilitating use by UCSB for specific research projects. UCSB may copy the written materials accompanying the SPOT Data solely for use by UCSB staff who have registered and demonstrated understanding of the licensing restrictions and only for UCSB research and education projects.

UCSB may not sell, rent, lease or otherwise commercially distribute any such derived products which are developed from the licensed SPOT Data.

UCSB may make an unlimited number of print copies of the SPOT Data for use outside its organization, provided that: (1) all copies include the copyright notice prominently displayed in or adjacent to the SPOT Data; (2) UCSB may not sell any copies made for such purposes. Any copy or use of the SPOT Data outside of UCSB will include the following notice: "© CNES 2004*, Distributed by Terra Image USA, LLC and SPOT IMAGE" Year the PRODUCT delivered by TERRA IMAGE USA

UCSB may prepare textual reports and other non-image materials based upon the licensed SPOT Data and publish or distribute such materials, but only if such materials do not reproduce in any way the licensed SPOT Data. UCSB may not sell or otherwise commercially distribute any such textual reports or other non-image materials which are developed from the licensed SPOT Data other than under a value added product distribution agreement created with Terra Image USA. UCSB is allowed to publish, either directly or through third parties, any academic writings which shall include, but not be limited to, articles, books, textbooks, conference presentations, and any other channels used to disseminate the results of academic research, without prior written approval, provided that the third parties do not have access to the digital SPOT satellite data itself.

UCSB may make the licensed SPOT Data available to contractors and consultants upon the approval of the SPOT Advisory Committee, but only for use on behalf of UCSB. In doing so, each such person must agree in writing (a) to be bound by the same limitations on use as apply to UCSB; and (b) to return to UCSB all SPOT Data upon completion of the contracting or consulting engagement.

UCSB may not rent or lease the SPOT Data nor may UCSB assign the Image License, or any of its rights and responsibilities, without the prior written approval of Terra Image USA.

This agreement may be terminated by UCSB by destroying all copies of the SPOT Data and any derivative products. It will terminate automatically if UCSB fails to comply with any of the terms of the Agreement between Terra Image USA and UCSB. Upon any such termination, UCSB will destroy all copies of the SPOT Data and any derivative products.

UCSB is interested in the development of intellectual property created in the use of SPOT satellite images and raw data. In utilization of these data, you are agreeing to notify the Resource Center for SPOT Imagery of any new technologies or applications developed via this research.

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